The Smurfs Costume for Babies

ID : RU-885535

The Smurfs are back! Thinking of celebrating you baby's 1st birthday? Baby smurf costume for Halloween, play dress up, this Smurfs costume would be more than the perfect fit. The Smurfs costume is a unique piece light in weight for your newborn includes the White Headpiece and Blue and White Bunting with a fabric fastener Size: Newborn 0-9 Your little Smurf will be very warm and comfortable. Clearance, no returns or exchanges. RU-885535. Size:Newborn-0-9=RU-885535-NWBN


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  • Would this fit my elderly Grandfather. He worked at Dominos till he was 35 then he started saving up to buy a cat. Now he has 3 children, 16 grand children and 32 great grandchildren. When he was young he never thought he would've gotten this far, When he was High School he committed tax fraud and sold his highschool to the Iranian mob. NOW He owns 4 shares of apple and shook steve jobs big toe while he was at his funeral he just whipped his shoe off and started touching. So, basically, We don't Know his measurements, but you might. Hes elderly and has 6 toes. He once binge watched every star trek movie while fishing in my grandmas creek with a silver spoon and a toaster. Will this fit my grandad on his 112th birthday.

    Unfortunately this is a children's costume, more specific this is a newborn 0-9 months.
    If you meant a different costume that did not come through. If that's the case please locate the item again at and send us a message from that costume.

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