Telletubies Toddler Costume

ID : RI-4203

Telletubies Toddler Costume, licensed costumes for kids from the popular TV show. Aka teletubies, teletuby. Tinky Winky, Po, Laa-laa or dipsy. Get them all! (Note, some of these costumes are labeled by the manufacturer as 2-3T and some 2-4T, but they are the same costumes and sizes) RI-4203. Style:Tinky-Winky#Size:2-4T=RI-4203-01-24T, Style:Po#Size:2-4T=RI-4203-02-24T, Style:Laa-laa#Size:2-4T=RI-4203-03-24T, Style:Dipsy#Size:2-4T=RI-4203-04-24T


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  • i need the four colours for toddlers. if i need two sets of this, what discount will you give to me? do you also sell the head costume for teletubbies? what is the cost.

    They are limited to stock on hand. On clearance, while they last at the prices listed.

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