Teletubbies Baby Costume

ID : RI-4201

Teletubbies Tinky Winky Baby Costume, get one of each before they are gone! 6-12 months or 12-24 months. Teletubbies Tinky Winky (purple), Po (red), Laa-laa (yellow), Dipsy (green) 4201 or 4202 teletubies RI-4201. Size:6-12mo#Style:Tinky-Winky=RI-4201-01-6-12, Size:6-12mo#Style:Po=RI-4201-02-6-12, Size:6-12mo#Style:Laa-laa=RI-4201-03-6-12, Size:6-12mo#Style:Dipsy=RI-4201-04-6-12, Size:12-24mo#Style:Tinky-Winky=RI-4202-01-12-24, Size:12-24mo#Style:Po=RI-4202-02-12-24, Size:12-24mo#Style:Laa-laa=RI-4202-03-12-24, Size:12-24mo#Style:Dipsy=RI-4202-04-12-24   Clearance.


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  • Hi is it possible to get a teletubbies costume in size 9 to 12 months Thank you

    These are currently Closeout out items and sold out, we will not be getting any additional sizes. Thank you

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