Special FX Vampire Fangs

ID : FN-65559

Special FX Vampire Fangs for costumes, movies, plays. You control when these vampire fangs appear and disappear. These are movie quality, they grown in place before your eyes. These are very cool, new for the Halloween season. Directions on how to use them: First you would drop the fangs into hot water for a few minutes, allowing the Dental Putty to soften. After carefully removing them from the water, you would then insert the fangs in your mouth with the dental putty UPWARD. Gently bite down with the tooth wells onto your back molars and hold in place for a few seconds, the dental putty will then mold perfect to your teeth so the fitting is just right. Remove the fangs from your mouth and gently place them under cold running water, this will harden the putty, After the putty is hard, place the fangs back into your mouth and using your tongue, move the bar to raise and lower the fangs. Congratulations! With just a few minutes, you have custom fit fangs. HAVE FUN!


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