JFY Particulate Respirator Mask 4150 box 20

ID : JFY-42CFR84-4150

JFY Particulate Respirator Mask 4150 box 20 This Mask has a low breathing resistance for increased wearer comfort, heavy-duty head straps, the adjustable nose clip and the soft foam nose piece for comfortable custom fit. One box contains 20 respirators. Conforms to 42 CFR part 84, N95 class, Niosh approved, TC-84-3888. ( NIOSH series / N95 )

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  • want we can have this masques for protect workers and how match per how mane

    This mask is currely sold out and we do not have an ETA, please keep checking or see our large selection of Surgical Mask at: www.Anymask.com

  • we have lot numbers 1109, 1209 and 0709. have these expired?

    These are sold out, we dont have an ETA on restock but when they come in they will be updated. If you are looking for masks here is our sister website:

  • Does it contain any cellulose? Can it be resterilized in hydrogen peroxide?

    We are currently soldout of this items and we are not able to validate this information at this time due to no access to product.

  • is this latex free

    We are currently sold out of this item so we can not see if latex free.

  • 这是医用级别还是工业用口罩?

    We are currently sold out of this item

  • Where are these masks made?

    Hello, we are currently out of stock, due to this we can not provide where they are made.

  • Do you have masks available for immediate delivery?

    This item is sold out at this moment, we will be restocking but ETA is unknown. But we do have these masks see link below:


  • What is the validity for 4150 N95? I've several 4150 N95 lot no. 0303. Can it be used till now?

    The LOT number is 288 and they are still usable.

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