Grand Imperial Black Feather Collar

ID : MPFC-Headpiece-1-BLK

Grand Imperial Black Feather Shoulderpiece Accessory Collar Headdress. If you want to make your costume or outfit stand out, you're going to need to go big, and this is big. This dark and sexy headpiece goes great with many high fashion ensembles, and also many costumes, including raven queen, crow princess, evil sorceress, saucy flapper, burlesque showgirl, vampiress countess and flirty saloon girl costumes. Accessorizing with this shoulderpiece is an easy way to make whatever you're wearing with it look extravagant and luxurious. This is an artfully hand-crafted collar crown that is sure to impress. Constructed of large black ostrich plumes and high-quality black rooster schlappen with a lovely green iridescence on the convex side. Collar radiates about 21" from the neck. Fastened via a comfortably wide tie ribbon, and can be worn multiple ways to accommodate different costumes and outfits. You'll want to wear it any chance you get! MPFC-Headpiece-1-BLK MPFC-Headpiece-1-BLK


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  • looks great, but could use more pics please. especially showing how it 'fastens' to outfit and back

    Thank you, this one is a Cris-Cross in the front and Feathers behind you. The back wrap behind you shoulders. Hope this is of assistance.

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