Glow Fangs Pumpkin Teeth

ID : PT-48127

Pumpkin Teeth Fangs Plastic Decorations in Glow In The Dark. If you're in need of some fancy decorations to bring some edge to your Halloween display this year, look no further. These awesome pumpkin teeth are just the thing to add some creepy or goofy character to your Jack O Lanterns. These plastic, fang shaped pumpkin teeth are constructed of durable plastic, and are convenient and reusable pumpkin decoration accessories that work as eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hair, claws, feet, bones, and anything else you can think of! Simply push the notched spike of each tooth into the flesh of your pumpkin to add scary or funny personality. Can be used on the outside, inside, or on the carved edges of your jack o' lantern. These teeth give off a spooky green glow after being exposed to light. They glow especially well when exposed to black lights, in or around your pumpkin, and the scary green glow of the teeth with the purple of the black light makes for a very spooky scene! These multi-use decorations don't have to be limited to pumpkins, though! You can use these teeth on watermelons, gourds, or any fruit or vegetable that you wish to make into a character! These fangs come in packs of 18, containing 3 different sizes, and are slightly translucent and off-white in color (like most glow in the dark items). Approximate sizes are: 2.75" body with 1" spike, 2" body with .75" spike, and 1.25" body with .5" spike. Check out our other Pumpkin Teeth styles: Buck teeth, shark teeth, and white fangs! Exercise caution when using Pumpkin teeth: They might pose a choking hazard to young children and infants, and may melt if placed too close to flame. battery operated or electric lights are recommended for both brightness and safety. PT-48127 PT-48127


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