Fabric Boa Scarf

ID : RU-7066-69

Fabric Scarf Cloth Boa. This fabulous scarf-like boa is a great accessory for adding a plush, luxurious feel to your outfit or your costume, whether it's a wealthy French woman, a lady aristocrat, celebrity starlet, ice queen, snow princess, royal Madame, or a burlesque flapper. The Super soft and smooth, long fiber shag plush has great texture and tons of possibilities for wear. It has a loose weave that allows it to be stretched, and formed from a long, thin scarf shape, to a short, wide tube that can fit around your neck, and possibly even your waist and/or hips. When bunched up into a ring, it can be stretched to a circumference of about 36", and when stretched out into a long scarf shape, it can reach about 90". In ring form, it can be worn as a luxuriously draping collar scarf, and can even be pulled partly over the shoulders for a high fashion look. It can also be wrapped around the neck or waist, tied, worn as sleeves, or attached as trim to your costume! This scarf is really a wonder! RU-7066-69 RU-7066-69


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