Animated Electronic Bloody Chainsaw

ID : RU-30184

Animated Electronic Toy Bloody Chainsaw Toy. This super scary horror prop is perfect for your own Halloween massacre, whether it's scaring the bejeebus out of trick or treaters, for a play, or for a prank, this super impressive electronic chain saw prop has a rotating "chain" and scary chainsaw revving sounds. Features red "blood" splatter all over the chainsaw (what a mess you've made!). This is great for your Texas leatherface, crazy redneck, evil lumberjack, or mad backwoods hillbilly costume. Not intended for individuals under the age of 14 years. Measures about 30 inches length from tip to tip, and about 10" tall at tallest part (hold bar), with a width of about 9 inches at body. Requires 6 AA batteries for electronic operation (batteries included!). Chainsaw has a yellow body with a silver colored hold bar, handle, and saw shaft with black accents, and a gray "chain". Operation button is on handle. Chain is made of bendable plastic, and is not sharp. Appearance of chainsaw may vary slightly, and amount of "blood" spatter may vary. RU-30184 RU-30184


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