Amelia Earhart Aviator Accessory Set

ID : FN-60282

Amelia Earhart Costume Kit. Do you or your child have an Amelia Earhart book report or play coming up? This costume is the perfect and affordable answer. Amelia Mary Earhart, from the 24th of July, 1898, to the 2nd of July, 1937 is the most famous female aviator, and quite possibly the most famous aviator in general. She holds many world records, including the Female world altitude record, of 14,000 feet (in 1922), the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean (in 1928), First person to cross the U.S.A. in an autogyro (in 1932), and the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross (in 1932). This budget priced disguise accessory kit pays homage to this amazing woman with a white aviator style pleather skull cap flight helmet, white polyester scarf, and black plastic goggles (no lenses) with elastic headband strap. This a great costume set, whether you're Amelia Earhart, or any aviator in general. Just add a bomber jacket or leather jacket, and you're ready to fly! One size fits most. May fit tight on adults, and loose on children. FN-60282


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