Sports Themed Birthday Party

Sports Party Ideas

Looking for a party idea for kids or adults? Choose a sports themed birthday party idea. Some children are lucky enough to be born during the school year. As school year babies, every year these children get to throw a party that includes all of their closest friends. More often than not, these school year birthday parties take place at a fun location like the local roller rink or children’s center. Better yet, everybody’s friends are able to come.

Unfortunately, summer is often an awkward time for school-aged children’s birthday parties. Friends travel and it is more difficult to get everyone together for a birthday event. Still, it is your child’s birthday and they deserve to have a fun party. Make sure that your son or daughter feels special by throwing them a sports themed bash, complete with treats, games, and favors.

A Sports-Themed Summer Birthday

One of the nice things about having a summer birthday is that summer is the absolute best time to be outside. Why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and throw your sporting bash at a local park? Plenty of green spaces, as well as the usual baseball diamond and basketball court, means that your child and his or her guests will be able to play soccer, football, baseball, and basketball to their little hearts’ content.

As an added bonus to the summer birthday, you children can be a little more selective with who they invite without running the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings. As a result of the guest list being a little smaller, you can be a little more lavish with food, favors, pinatas and decorations.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Since you are going to be throwing your fabulous sports-themed party in the local park, you should plan your food accordingly. Most parks lack refrigeration options and it is no fun to haul fancy food platters across an open field. Why not take advantage of the park’s grills and throw an All American Grilled Bash? After all, nothing goes with baseball quite like grilled hot dogs. As an added bonus, the clean-up could not be easier.

As for birthday treats, steer clear of anything that will not hold up to the heat and consider the amount of trash you would like to carry out with you. Sports themed cupcakes are a good way to guarantee that every child gets a treat, with minimal cleaning work for the parents afterwards.


Although party favors are by no means mandatory, small guests certainly appreciate anything you give them. For your sporting soiree, keep the bags small and themed to maximize the children’s excitement. Try baseball themed bubble gum, inflatable balls, child sized sunglasses, and individual sunscreen sticks. If you would like to go “all out” on a more expensive prize, why not have hats or shirts made? The children will certainly treasure these keepsakes, at least until they outgrow them.

Your child might be a little upset when they realize that their birthday party might not be as lavish as those of their peers with school year birthdays. However, there is no reason why you cannot throw them an excellent sports-themed summer birthday party.