Princess Theme Party

Children’s birthday parties really are a very large deal, especially for young ladies. When you are planning to throw a children’s birthday party for a young girl, it is imperative that you select an appropriate theme. Many girls are very interested in princesses, so a princess-themed birthday party might be the ideal choice for an exciting and successful party.

Many people believe that the best way to throw a princess themed birthday party is to have the girl of honor and her party guests wear princess costumes . Of course, the costumes are a very important part of party planning, but to truly maximize the success of a princess party, you must do so much more. Let us take a look at all the things you should do to make your little princess’ birthday party the best it can be!

Props and Decor for Pretty Princess Parties

Decorations: Obviously, having a bunch of adorable little girls running around in princess costumes is the best form of decor there is. However, you can really elevate the atmosphere of your princess party with a few well-placed decorations. First, you should hang streamers and balloons in colors that coordinate with the little birthday girl’s princess costume. Then, you should consider making or buying a few murals to affix to the walls. Why not a beautiful castle or a horse drawn carriage? The birthday girl will love it!


Invitations set the tone for the party you wish to throw. Make it clear that you intend to throw the best princess party in the history of princess parties by sending out invitations on the right stationary. Many places sell pre-prepared princess party invitations but you can also make your own. Look for things with regal calligraphy and possibly glitter. Little girls, especially little girls who are also princesses, love glitter.


While you obviously hope that nobody attends your party solely for the favors, the fact remains that small children are all about gifts and door prizes. Princess party favors should fit the theme while also giving the little girls the opportunity to live out their princess dreams. Why not have every little girl in attendance leave with her very own princess tiara? Other things you can include in your princess party favor bag are lip gloss, nail polish, bubbles, or a ribbon streamer for playing and dancing. If you are hosting a party for a very small number of girls, or wish to spend a little bit more money on favors, you could also include any number of the commercially available princess-themed board and card games. Remember to put your favors in a bag that fits your theme!

Throwing the special little girl in your life a princess themed party will definitely make her birthday a memorable one. You can guarantee that your princess party will be a raging success if you take the time and exert the effort to make sure that your party really sparkles. Do not forget the small details, like decorations, invitations, and favors. These little touches will make your party stand out.