How to make a Zombie Costume

Zombie Costumes, how to make yours

Thanks to a number of extremely popular movies and video games, zombie costumes are now an extremely well known pop culture phenomenon. Everywhere you look, there are zombie themed parties and folks of all ages want to nail the look for Halloween.

If you go to the store and purchase a pre-made zombie outfit, it could cost you up to one hundred dollars to buy a really realistic costume. However, there are a few simple and inexpensive ways to perfect your zombie costume without breaking the bank.

Old Clothes have a New Purpose

Turn on any zombie movie and you will quickly notice that zombies do not own any clothing that fits well. Instead, the undead wander the streets wearing clothing that is old, dirty, and ripped to shreds – presumably during fights with other zombies. Do not go to the store and pay money to purchase new ripped clothing. Instead, look through your closet to find a few pieces of clothing that you are no longer wearing.

Once you have found some clothing that you will not be wearing again, zombie-fy it! Rub some dirt on an old shirt and cut portions of it into shreds. After making the cuts, you may even want to run it through the washing machine, which will allow the cuts to fray and make it look more authentic. Then when you are ready add some zombie blood.

Consider Your Styling

When was the last time you saw a zombie that was well kept and had a full face of make-up on? Never, right? Zombies are not necessarily known for being clean and made up, so be sure that you are accounting for that in your costume construction. Your hair should look dirty and bedraggled. It is probably best if you avoid washing, conditioning, and brushing your hair for a few days before Halloween to ensure that the filth is authentic. If going a week without washing your hair is unappealing, feel free to use dry shampoo or baby powder to add a grungy texture to clean hair.

Like your hair, your face should be dirty. Additionally, your face should be covered in the blood and brain matter of your defenseless victims. Cosmetic blood is available at some costume stores and you can find plenty of inspiration online for your make up. You can add some zombie prosthetics such as bullet wounds or cuts you suffered upon death.

The last thing you must consider in order to really amp up your zombie costume is the noises you will make. If you are unsure of the sounds that zombies make as they are going about their business, check out a few movies or video games. Half way between a moan and a scream, perfecting your zombie noises will really take your costume to the next level.

The Right Zombie Costume for You

If you would like to go as a zombie for Halloween or your next costume party, there is absolutely no need for you to drop a few hundred dollars at the costume store. Instead, see what you can use from around your house, check out a costume store for make-up, and work on the noises and gestures that you will need to make your zombie costume as realistic as possible.