First Birthday Party Ideas

For a milestone that most children will not remember, the first birthday party is actually an incredibly large deal. Even though your little bundle of joy may not actually remember attending their own first birthday party, the pictures you take during this celebration will no doubt become cherished keepsakes. Because the guest of honor will not actually remember attending, it is even more important that you take the time necessary to ensure that the first birthday party that you throw is a raging success. After all, you are throwing the party as much for the adults in attendance as you are for your own child. Shop our First Birthday Party Supplies.

We have compiled some themes and ideas for you to consider when planning your child’s first birthday party.

• Lady Bug Garden Party. Infancy is the ideal time to dress your child in a ridiculously adorable insect costume. Why not take advantage of the fleeting opportunity and make your child’s first birthday party a Lady Bug Garden Party? You can dress your child up to look cute as a bug and a garden party is always a favorite among the adults on your guest list. Make fetching hats mandatory and serve champagne cocktails for the grownups. First Birthday Party Supplies for girls.

• Monster Trucks. Your little boy probably already loves trucks, even though he is not yet one year old. Adults, too, will love the hipster throwback feel of a monster truck themed children’s party. As an added bonus, you can make your son’s cake look like a car and then squeal in delight when he destroys it like a monster truck would. Shop the First Birthday Party Supplies for boys

• Summer Sports. If your child is a summer baby, take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a summer sports party at a local park. The upsides are superb: you will avoid having to do a massive clean-up at your house and everybody enjoys outdoor parties. Bring some sports equipment for the adults and grill up some nostalgically tasty foods.

Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday in Style

Like all parties, a first birthday party is really an excuse for people to get together and celebrate. Even though your child might not remember celebrating his or her own first birthday party, take the opportunity to gather with your close friends and family and eat cake. If you are careful in selecting a theme, the party will be just as exciting for the adults on your guest list as it will be for your little guest of honor.

If, however, you are not interested in throwing your child a themed first birthday bash, that is totally your prerogative. After all, planning and executing a first class party takes quite a bit of work and forethought. Just remember that you will one day wish you had pictures of them smashing a cake all over their face, so get a small cake from the bakery and let your newly-one-year-old go to town on it. The pictures you take on your child’s first birthday will become cherished keepsakes, treasured by all in your family. Do not forget to send a few prints to the doting grandparents!