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A couple of things.. when I first went to your website to order I was very impressed by your site. You have things that many sites are lacking - straight forward, easy to find products and information. There are no game playing, hidden things pertaining to shipping fees, etc and immediately I was impressed by this (AND it's a fun site to look at)!

The way you handled my situation with the mask and in the time frame that you did was incredibly professional, tasteful and, unfortunately, rare in this day of internet ordering. I can't tell you how many times I've emailed companies just to ask product questions or get replacement parts (kids toys) only to never hear a word back.

Your customer service is commendable and I thank you for it. It is easy for a customer to complain, but I think as a consumer it's important to take the time to recognize and praise a great effort!

I am hoping the next mask is in good condition and will follow up if not. Thank you for making this such as easy process for me. Feel free to forward my email to management.


The box arrived on Saturday Dec. 10 after my order was placed late in the afternoon on Thursday. Terrific service!

Thanks again for your attention to this order. Steve