Colonial Days

Colonial Days costumes and events

Fall is the time of year when we think about Thanksgiving and pilgrims. It is a fun time of year for Colonial Days events and Colonial Costumes for adults and kids. Children really seem to enjoy putting on school plays for friends and relatives. Getting to play the part of an Indian warrior, Indian maiden, or a colonial boy or girl, is a special event in a child’s life. It is one of those memories that will be cherished for years. Photos and videos play a role in memory making. First it is fun seeing your children participate. Later you get to enjoy it all over again with your grandchildren. Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin and more.


History is a lot more fun when you get to participate in a re-enactment of it than by just reading about it in a history book. Colonial children studied reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic and religion. Passages from the bible were used to set rules for moral behavior. Today’s curriculum couldn’t even be imagined back them. Paddling was an accepted form of discipline. Gender and class as well as location were also factors.


There were no school lunches or lunchrooms. Those that were fortunate enough to have a lunch, got to carry a lunch pail (yes, it was a real pail), or they carried it in a bandana. In good weather, lunch might be taken in the schoolyard. Bad weather lunchtime was at your desk. It is hard to imagine in this day and age. No hot meals were to be had back then.


Sometimes it does us good to go back in history to appreciate what we have now. Going back 200 years is a good experience for children who cannot even begin to imagine what life was like before television.