Werewolf Costumes and Accessories

Make your own Werewolf costume

Put together your own werewolf costume by starting with a mask and adding a hairy shirt and gloves or get some makeup and ears and design your own scary werewolf costume for adults or kids. Where wolf? Get only what you need for your play or Halloween or get the entire costume. Make your own Werewolf Costume by adding some of your own clothes (or a trip to your local thrift store) and adding some werewolf accessories.

With our affordable, top quality Werewolf Costume accessories you don’t have to be bitten by another werewolf, be placed under a curse, drink rainwater out of the footprint of a wolf, or wait for a full moon to transform yourself into the mythological wolf - like creature that is so popular in modern culture through books, movies and television shows. If you own a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, you’re well on your way to becoming a hairy lycanthrope. Piece by piece, you can create a fun and scary werewolf costume easily and effortlessly.

We offer a variety of werewolf accessories for your hands, including our Hand Patch Werewolf, which includes two scary and hairy self adhesive patches, our Hairy Latex Claw Hands Werewolf (adult-sized), which feature long and sharp brown fingernails and long and furry brown hair on the tops of the hands, our Brown Hairy Gloves Werewolf, and our Brown Hairy Hands. With the choices you’ll find at AnythingCostumes.com, you can pick the warewolf hands of your liking, and if you’re going for a simpler werewolf look, we also offer long Brown Claws which fit right over your fingertips for a creepy look that will enhance the rest of your costume.

For your face and head, which is the most important part of your where wolf costume, AnthingCostumes.com offers several options. Our one-piece Werewolf mask, which fits comfortably over your head, features two eye holes, an open mouth full of sharp canine teeth, and long, scraggly hair. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, you can create an authentic looking and a scary werewolf look with our Make-up Kit. This water washable make-up kit includes black, red, white and two shades of brown make-up with a sponge and an applicator brush. And it includes the teeth. Our Crepe Hair & Spirit Gum Set is perfect for creating a scraggly wolf beard.

If you use our Make-up Kit for werewolves you can complete your look with our animal like Werewolf Nose, our scraggly Wig, which will give you a realistic werewolf look, and either our Brown Ear Tips or Pointed Ears, which fit comfortably over your own ears. And finally, for your feet, our Brown Hairy Spats is the perfect accessory for covering your shoes.

Whether you purchase just a few werewolf accessories or the whole shebang, you can put together a convincing werewolf costume that will have you howling at the moon.