Steampunk Costumes and Accessories

Steampunk Costumes

Whether you want to make your own Victorian Industrial Steampunk and Science Fiction Steampunk costume with our accessories and glasses or choose from one of the hot new styles and add some accessories we are here to help. Perfect for groups, couples or going to a Victorian era Steampunk Convention. The Victorian Era meets science fiction. Embark on the Steampunk miners saga with the General, Renegade costume, Sally or some of the other exciting and fun characters or toppers like the derby with goggles and a wig. Host a party with a unique twist. Many more styles coming throughout the year.

Influenced by the 19th century scientific romances, such as those of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley, steampunk—originating in the late 1980s—is a sub-genre of alternate history, fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction. Steampunk is generally set in Victorian era Britain and involves objects and settings where steam power is used, and everything from architecture, art, culture, and fashion has a steampunk-style. Today, many people embrace the steampunk culture, incorporating it into their lives, through fashion, film, home décor, and music. This period was the development of telecommunications and mass transit. Steam engines were an aspect of life in the time that lead to industrialization and development of the era.

Science Fiction, Victorian Industrial and More

If you’re a steampunk fan planning a trip to a steampunk convention or you would like to dress up on Halloween as a steampunk enthusiast, has got some great steampunk costumes and accessories reminiscent of the Victorian era.

For women, our Steampunk Showgirl Costume (one size, standard) with your added choker and gloves or perhaps a cameo is fun and sexy. This costume features a skirt with an attached belt, sheer netting and pantaloons and a top. If you’re rebellious, you’ll love our Steampunk Renegade Costume (one size fits up to a 14/16). This high quality costume includes a black corset with brass colored buttons, a black side-slit skirt with white lace trim and large jewel, and a black jacket with white lace trim and brass colored buttons.

For men, our Gentleman SteamPunk Costume with spats add some suspenders or other accessories and it offers a little bit of everything steampunk — it’s Victorian, Wild West, and Sci-Fi! And our General SteamPunk Costume will have you looking in charge and ready to fly a zeppelin. This costume includes a shirt with attached vest, an ascot, and a denim jacket with gold buttons.

If steampunk accessories are all you need, we’ve got anything and everything, from hats to goggles to jewelry. Some of our exceptional steampunk hats include our SteamPunk Black Bell Topper Hat, our SteamPunk Brown Derby, our Steampunk Aviator Cap, and our Brown Bowler Hat, just to name a few.

Goggles include our SteamPunk Black or brown Goggles or Aviator Goggles, Black Radioactive Aviator Goggles, and more. We even have a CyberStream Eyepatch, featuring an orange lens, industrial age bolts, and adjustable head strap. This futuristic looking eye patch is the perfect costume accessory. And don’t forget your pocket watch! Choose from our SteamPunk Pocket Watch or our Deluxe Pocket Watch. Additional steampunk accessories include our SteamPunk Monocle, SteamPunk Revolver, Bronze Cameo Ring, SteamPunk Bullet Ring, SteamPunk Cameo Bow Hair Clip, and so much more! At, you will find everything you need to complete your Victorian industrial steampunk costume look!