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Racers and Race car drivers

Race car driver costumes and racecar drivers. Vroom! Ready, set, get ready for your party!

Vroom! Vroom! At AnythingCostumes.com, you’ll find a great selection of race car driver costumes, perfect for Halloween, themed parties, school dress up days, and more. If you have a need for speed, our race car driver costumes are a great costume choice.

Ever since the construction of the first successful gasoline-fueled automobiles, racing has been a popular sport, including Formula, off-road, and kart racing. Racing is here to stay, and race car fans keep growing year after year.

If you’re a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. you’ll want to wear our Racer #88 Dale Jr. Adult Costume so you can leave a mark on the chase. This costume includes an adult size jumpsuit (available in sizes medium, large, and extra large) and cap.

And if you’re looking for something that sizzles, you’ll like our Men’s Sexy Race Car Driver Costume (one size fits most). This costume includes a lycra one piece racer jumpsuit with front zipper, and features black and white checkers and the number 69 printed on the front of the jumpsuit.

For women, we have sexy race car costumes so you can rev up engines on Halloween night! Our Red Racer Costume (available in sizes extra small 2-6, small 6-10, and medium 10-14) includes a form fitting jumpsuit and hat. The front zip jumpsuit features black and white checkers up one side of the body.

We also have a Racy Chick Adult Female Costume (available in sizes small 4-6, medium 8-10, and large 12-14). This sexy two piece costume includes a form fitting, long sleeved red jacket with racing flag trim, red pants with racing flag trim, and a racing flag.

And if you’re looking for a naughty race car costume, you’ll love our Secret Wishes Speed Racer Trixie Adult Costume (available in sizes extra small 6-10, small 10-14, and medium 14-16). This super sexy costume includes a black romper with collar and black and white checkers, glovelets with black and white checkers up the sleeves, and boot tips. Additional race car driver costumes include our Black Racer Woman’s Costume, our Car Racer Adult Costume, our Sexy Zipper Race Car Driver, and our Race Car Cutie Costume. With any one of our quality race car driver costumes you’ll be “ready, set, go!” for a night of fun! At AnythingCostumes.com, we have quality selections at affordable prices so you don’t have to miss out on one of the most fun nights of the year—Halloween!