Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetics are additions that attach to the body or skin to complete your costume or create your own costume. Reel F/X brand prosthetic makeup is a top brand of prosthetics for costumes. Try adding some scars, a scary clown face or more. Watch the video and see how easy they are:

If you want to make a bold statement this Halloween then prosthetics is the way to go. Halloween prosthetics, which attach to the body, range from scars, cuts, and serious wounds or burns that look incredibly real. And they’re one of the easiest costumes ever! has a great selection of affordable prosthetics for Halloween, parties, and plays.

Halloween Prosthetics for Special Effects

Our Hollywood quality Reel F/X special effects Vampire Bite Prosthetic, with the addition of thermoplastic fangs and latex skin is a great choice if you plan on dressing up as a newly turned vampire, zombie hunter with a scar, or werewolf victim body with scary torn skin. All you have to do is attach this pre-painted latex prosthetic to your face or neck with adhesive that comes with the prosthetic. We also offer makeup suggestions and include remover for when your night of fun ends. You may get one of the kits or put a few together and make your own sets.

If you really want to make heads and stomachs turn then our Reel F/X Latex Spare Ribs Prosthetic will do the trick. This latex prosthetic will make you look like you’re in grave condition. People will wonder if you’ve been attacked by a wild animal, in a vehicle wreck, or attacked by zombies party. This prosthetic comes with a pre-painted latex prosthetic that looks as if you’ve had a chunk of flesh torn from your torso. You’ll get a kick out of seeing the expression on people’s faces the moment they notice your “ribs” showing through your “wound” and they freak. Includes adhesive, makeup suggestions, and remover. You can also add to your dire look with our Reel F/X Latex Ouch Prosthetic that looks as if you’ve had more flesh torn from your body, exposing muscle deep below your skin. Comes with pre-painted latex prosthetic, adhesive, makeup suggestions, and remover. Our Theatrical Effects Broken Bone Prosthetic will only add to this gruesome costume. With the look of a bone sticking out of your body, it will seem quite obvious that you need medical attention!

We also offer unique prosthetics, such as Hollywood Quality Fantasy Ears, Reel FX Adult Ram Horns, Pinocchio Nose Prosthetic, Theatrical FX Ex Screwed Kit, and a Reel F/X Krazy Klown Prosthetic.

If you really want to go incognito on Halloween, or see what you may look like in your Golden Years, you’ll love our Reel Fx Gramps Prosthetic and Reel Fx Granny Prosthetic.

With our large selection of prosthetics, you can create a look to suit your needs and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume or special effects for a play, you can mix and match our Halloween prosthetics to get the perfect look, whether it be as mild as a vampire bite or as disturbing as a mutilated body