Props & Decor

Halloween Decorations

We have fantastic Halloween props, scare the kids coming to trick or treat or entertain your friends at your next Halloween party. Hang some grim reapers and gargoyles to set the mood and add to the conversation.

When it comes to Halloween accessories, props are just as important as costumes. Whether you're throwing a Monster Mash for your family and friends or you just like to decorate your yard and entryway for excited little trick-or-treaters with a fog machine and a strobe, has a great selection of Halloween props that will turn your home-sweet-home into a scary haunted house. Halloween only comes once a year, and for many people decorating their yard with spooky props is a family tradition that brings everyone together for holiday fun.

Scary Party Props

Our spider webs are one way to add an eerie element to your home decor and yard. Choose from our Super Giant Spider Web (can be stretched over 30 feet long), our Large Spider Web (can be stretched over 4 feet long), or Giant Spider Web (can be stretched over 15 feet long). Each of these webs comes with plastic spiders, too. Stretch across trees, across the entryway to your front door, and inside your house in door frames. We also have a Large 50" Spider with Jewel Eyes, perfect for strategically placing in one of your spider webs.

For ultimate Halloween creepiness outdoors, our Zombie Skull and Hands Sculpture is a great way to spook people with the illusion of a zombie rising up from beneath the ground. Foam filled and light weight, this three part sculpture includes two hands and one head. Placed just so, you'll be able to provoke chills and shrills from adults and kids alike. We also offer our Grim Reaper Tombstone or skull, our Turn Back Sign, our Keep Out sign, our Beware sign, and more. Gotta warn them, right? With our selection of props, you can turn your yard into a creepy cemetery or a haunted house.

If you're looking for Halloween themed shelves for decorating inside your home, our Vampire Bat Shelf and Skeleton Shelf each provide festive holiday fun. They're perfect for displaying a vase of dead black flowers, creepy candles, or other ghoulish delights like a gargoyle with scary sounds.

Another prop that's great for setting the stage for an eerie night of fun is a black light and wear some fangs and a wig. offers individual 75 Watt Blacklight Bulbs, perfect for your porch or creating a spooky feel for a Halloween party.

And what would a Halloween party be without blood? Fake blood that is with zombie signs. offers our Gallon of Blood or Pint of Fake Blood, perfect for monsters, vampires, victims, and werewolves.

From Halloween to plays to parties, our props will add an element of fright to any room, yard or stage.