Middle Eastern Costumes

Middle Eastern Costumes and Accessories

From desert sheiks and princes to genies and more. Put together your own middle eastern theme costume for plays or parties or for school projects. Be am Arabian Prince or part of a harem.

Middle Eastern and Arabian costumes

Whether you’re playing the lead part of an Arabian desert prince in a community or school play or you’re looking for the perfect belly dancer costume and accessories for Halloween or a special event, AnythingCostumes.com™ has got a great selection of Middle Eastern and Arabian costumes to help you pull off a convincing role.

Our comfortable Desert Prince Costume (adult standard size) includes a headpiece, a robe with an attached blue and white striped tunic, and a black belt. And if you’re going to play the desert prince part, you will want to look your best from your head to your toes. Our Desert Prince Moustache and Beard and Desert Prince Gold Shoe covers, with curled toes, will enhance your look and have people complimenting your Middle Eastern or Arabian costume and your effort to play the part. And to top off your look, our Desert Prince Ring will prove to all that you possess the wealth of a true (faux) desert prince. This costume is also perfect if you are going for the look of a shepherd. And if you only need a few accessories to pull together this casual costume we’ve got a Sheikh Headpiece, Desert Prince Camel Flog, Desert Sash, and Desert Fables Headband to choose from.

For women, our colorful and sexy Genie Belly Dancer Bra, Pants and Veil set (adult standard size) will inspire you to get on the dance floor and perform a belly dance that will have all eyes on you. You’ll be surprised how fun it is to get into the role when you’re wearing this fun, eye-appealing Middle Eastern or Arabian costume! Add our matching Desert Fables Earring Set, Desert Fables Coin Belt, and our Ankle Bracelet Desert Fables. Sold individually, they’re each affordable and ideal for adding elements of charm and sound to your costume.

We also offer a realistic looking Genie Lamp to complement your Middle Eastern or Arabian costume. Crafted from lightweight plastic, you’ll be able to carry this magical accessory with you everywhere so you can grant your family, friends, and even strangers three wishes before your night of fun ends. Our Genie Lamp makes the perfect accessory for a variety of costumes, including genie, sultan, street-rat or other desert personality.

At AnythingCostumes.com (TM), our comfortable and fun Middle Eastern and Arabian costumes and accessories are not limited to just Halloween. They’re great for parties and plays, too!