Leather Masks

Leather Masks, real leather masks. Other carnival styles coming soon to AnyMask.com! ™ The painted leather masks are from Spain. Unique, fantastic and amazing mask.

Regarding the painted, colored leather masks:

About The Painted Masks

Made with Vegetable Tanned Leather or Raw Cow Hide, the sculpting, bending, stretching and shaping is finished completly by hand, using no mold at all! Once the masks are shaped, a stiffening agent is applied and the masks are ready to be painted with natural dyes and then finished with airbrushing! This adds a final coat of acrylic varnish to protect the painted surface.

Suitable for wear and/or for decorative display, each mask has a thin but durable, adjustable cord to attach comfortably to the face and you can also hang these beautiful masterpieces on any home or office wall! A Great conversation piece anywhere!

About The Artist

Felix Gutierrez has always been fascinated by masks and intrigued by their magical and theatrical expression! He finds the human face to be nature's most amusing work of art. He has been inspired by many different cultures and traditions that embrace mask making in the Mediterranean area, yet Felix�s most artistic work is basically an expression of the Spanish Carnival Fiesta!

A self taught artisan, Felix Gutierrez lives and works in Seville, (Andalusia) Spain. Media: Leather.

These are handmade real leather masks made in Spain. If perhaps the masks loose a little bit of shape in shipping, do not worry, you can straight them up very easily with your fingers. They are flexible. Each mask is handmade by an artist and there may be variations, which add to the unique character of these art pieces.