Lady Bug Costumes

For adults and kids, Lady Bug Costumes are always fun. The cutest of bugs! Red with black spots from sexy styles to more conservative looks or make your own homemade ladybug costume and add our accessories.

Lady bug costumes

What’s red with black polka dots and cute as a bug? You! If you are wearing one of our lovely lady bug costumes! (TM) has got a great selection of adorable and fun lady bug costumes in sizes and styles that range from kids to sexy adult. And we’ve got the perfect accessories.

Our Ladybug child costume (available in sizes toddler and small) includes a black antennas headpiece, black leggings and purple wings with black polka dots. You’re precious little girl will look so adorable in her polka dot dress that she’ll get complimented the moment she exclaims, “Trick or Treat!” And there’s a good chance she will enjoy wearing it so much that she may not want to take it off! She’ll be wearing her lovely lady bug costume long after the Halloween holiday.

If you’re looking for simple lady bug accessories to complement an outfit you already have, you’ll find a variety of lady bug gear at Our Lady Bug Lashes — dark brown lashes with bright red polka dots will have everyone talking about your eyes, and our reusable press on Lady Bug Nails — red nails with black polka dots and black tips will make your hands stand out in a crowd.

For women seeking something naughty yet nice, our Sexy Lady Bug Costume (available in extra-small, small-medium, and medium-large) will garner you sweet compliments and raise plenty of eyebrows. You may even catch the eye of some handsome devil on Halloween night. Our Sexy Lady Bug Costume includes a polka dot costume with a fun, flirty skirt and bow, wings, black gloves, antennae headpiece, and thigh hi stockings. The only thing you need to add to this look-at-me lady bug costume is a pair of sexy shoes and you’re ready to flutter about with your friends.

Everyone knows that Halloween parties are not limited to just Halloween night. If you’re going to be wearing your lady bug costume multiple times, you can mix things up with different accessories. Our red Lady Bug Stockings (one size fits most adults 5’ to 5’8” – 100 to 160 lbs.) will make you stand out with their fun black polka dots. And our silky soft Lady Bug Gloves—red gloves with black polka dots and black ruffles around the trim—will add an element of sophistication to your costume.

Lady bug costumes are one of the most popular picks for women for Halloween because in real life, the lady bug is one of sweetest bugs in nature!