Kings Queens and Princes

Kings and Queen Costumes or Princess and Princes

Kings Queens and Prince and Princess costumes for men and women for Halloween or parties. Princess costumes for adult women. Have a theme party and send your friends here to (TM).

Whether you’re playing the Queen of Hearts in a school play or you’re looking for a high quality princess costume for Halloween, at you’ll find exactly what want and need for King and Queen costumes. Our Queen of Hearts Adult Costume (available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large) features a full length gown with printed heart details and gold trim, hoop and tulle petticoat, velvet jeweled choker, and sequin heart tiara. When you walk through a crowd wearing this high quality costume people will step out of your way to let you pass. We also offer a Queen of Hearts Plus Size Adult Costume (available in sizes 2X and 3X). Feel like being a adult princess costume for the day? Our Enchanting Princess Adult Costume (available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large) will catch the eye of every prince on Halloween night. This rental quality costume includes a full-length satin and brocade ball gown with attached peplum, hoop petticoat, long white gloves, jeweled choker, and sequined tiara. It’s so stunning you may not want to take it off at the end of the night. And if you have a male friend that will be accompanying you on Halloween night, he may be interested in our Prince Charming Adult Costume (available in sizes medium, large, and extra large). This sophisticated prince costume includes a military-style jacket with attached epaulets, slacks, jacquard sash, military belt, and medal. And if you’re a man who possesses great power, you may like our Noble King Costume (available in sizes medium, large, and extra large). This exceptional costume includes a tunic with attached sleeves and gauntlets, detailed printed emblem, fur-trimmed cape with medallion, boot covers, vinyl crown, and belt. You want attention? You’ll get attention when you wear this excellent king costume. And for your kids, we have a King’s Robe Child Costume (available in small, medium, and large), for kids who want to know what it feels like to be king for a day, and we have a King Arthur Child Costume (available in child sizes small 4-6, medium 8-10, and large 12-14). This fun costume includes top, pants, hat, collar, and belt. We also have a King Arthur Costume available for adults, as well as Medieval King Costume, Adult Royal King Costume, Kings Warrior Adult Costume, Elegant King Men’s Costume, and so much more. Show your family and friends how royal you really are with one of our king, queen, or princess costumes!