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Indian Costumes including Indian Halloween costumes, indian warrior costume, indian babe costume, indian girl costumes and more. Native American costumes for men and women including Indian Halloween costumes, Indian warrior costume, Indian girl costumes, Indian men costumes and more! It's perfect to pair as couple costumes for a more unique and real like appearance. With the variety of styles and colors and our extensive selection of accessories you will be the tribes envy!

If you have an appreciation for the Native American culture and clothing, you’ll love our Indian Costumes. The cultural clothing that Indian men and women wore varied from tribe to tribe, but most wore pieces of hide or cloth, called breechcloths or breechclouts. And the styles varied, too. From fur trousers to buckskin war shirts that were intricately decorated, and one-piece dresses to fur parkas, the various clothing that Native Americans wore before colonization have truly become pieces of history.

Pocahontas, Warrior, Tribal, Princess and More

For women, we offer several Indian costumes to choose from. Our Native American Princess Costume (standard size fits most adults) is a great way to show your appreciation for Native American history or as your Pocahontas costume. This two piece costume includes a sleeveless brown top with fringe and beads and a matching knee length brown skirt with fringe and beads. We also have a gorgeous Indian Maiden Costume (available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large). This quality costume includes a knee length brown dress with fringe and printed beadwork, belt with feather, armband, choker, fringe boot tops and a headpiece. And for women who want to show their sexy side, we offer a great selection of sexy Indian costumes, including our Native American Princess Costume, our Sexy Indian Princess Costume, our 3 Piece Indian Girl Outfit Costume, our Little Fawn Costume, and many more. And you can accessorize your costume with our Indian Moccasins, tomahawks and Squaw with Braids Wig, which includes long black braids with rainbow hair bands and a rainbow headband or other tribal accessories like a headress with spears and a bow and arrow.

For men, has some exceptional looking Indian costumes to suit your mood and personality. Wear our Indian Brave Costume (available in sizes medium, large, and extra large) and you’ll be ready for battle or hunting. This costume includes brown pants, a brown tunic with fringe, waist sash, beaded chest plate, boot covers with fringe, and a headpiece with feathers. Just pick your sizes and perhaps add a knife and drum. If you’re a natural leader, you may want to dress up in our Adult Native American Warrior Costume (available in extra large). This plus size costume includes pants with fringe, shirt with fringe and waist sash. We also have a sexy Indian costume for men! Our two piece Warrior Costume (one size) includes a Native American-style loin cloth, vest and arm bands. This sexy warrior costume features front and back flaps that are fully adjustable by tie sides. When you wear this sexy costume, you’ll be the one who is being hunted! And don’t forget your Indian costume accessories. Our large selection includes our Native American Chestplate, our Indian Headdress, Native American Costume Pouch, Large Native Drum, Bow and Arrow, Feather Indian Headdress, and more. We also have Indian costumes for kids!