Hawaiian Costumes

Hawaiian Costumes, Hawaiian Theme Costumes or Hawaiian Theme parties.

Are you having a Hawaiian theme party? In our great variety of Hawaiian costumes we carry every piece of costume and accessories to make your appearance an authentic Hawaiian Man or Woman. With colorful lei’s, palm leaf skirts, coconut tops, bikini leafs and much more you will be complete to the end. Hawaiian costumes are also a great idea for Halloween! You may not have warm tropical climate, abundant beaches, and diverse scenery where you’re at but you can transport yourself, mentally anyway, to the Big Island with any one of our quality Hawaiian costumes. For women, we have a variety of Hawaiian costumes to choose from. If you’re dressing up for a Hawaiian themed office party, you will love our Hawaiian Sarong Adult Costume (one size fits most adults). This one piece sarong costume includes a lei headband. Colorful and fun, you’ll be ready for the luau party! We also offer a Hawaiian Beauty Adult Costume (one size fits most adults). This two piece costume includes a wrap around skirt, a halter top, and a lei headband. And if you are looking to mix and match a Hawaiian costume, we’ve got great options. Our Long Palm Leaf Skirt is perfect for men or women, and we also have a Unisex Leaf Bikini (one size). And for women, we’ve got a variety of Hawaiian-style bras, including our Shell Bra (made from soft plastic, and perfect for Hawaiian theme or mermaid costumes), our Leaf Bra Top, our Coconut Bra Top, and our Rainbow Flower Bra. AnythingCostumes.com also offers a Hawaiian Headress (one size and adjustable). Made from natural straw, and with a colored straw decoration, this festive headdress can be word by both men and women. It’s the perfect accessory for any one of our Hawaiian costumes. And no Hawaiian costume would be complete without a lei. Our Rainbow Lei features colorful silk flowers. You may want to purchase some extra leis to take with you if you’re dressing up in a Hawaiian costume for Halloween. Did you know that a lei represents love and is usually given with a kiss? Giving a lei out on Halloween may be a fun way to show your affection for someone! If you want to follow tradition, though, you can present a lei by slightly bowing and raising it above the heart, for the recipient to take. Whether you’re looking for a fun Hawaiian costume for Halloween or you’re hosting a luau for your family and friends, complete with a Hawaiian feast of pig, poke, salmon, beer, Hawaiian music and hula, our costumes are perfect for any Hawaiian costume themed event you are planning or going to. They’re great for themed birthday parties as well. At AnythingCostumes.com, you’ll find a costume to suit your occasion, mood, and personality.