Fairy Costumes

Adult Fairy Costumes and costumes for kids as well. Get a complete costume set or make your own fairy costume. Spring, summer faeries or anytime is the perfect time for fairies to dress up and play. Butterfly costumes too!

Also known as faeries, these mythical from folklore, they have mythical powers and look like humans with wings and they fly. There are themes in fairy costume like the seasons with our Spring Fairy costume, wings and all the accessories. Many mothers and daughters might enjoy both dressing up so we have kids fairy costumes too. Get a wig to go with your style.

Magical, metaphysical, or supernatural, fairies are legendary creatures that can be found and seen on Halloween! And at AnythingCostumes.com, we’ve got the biggest selection of fairy costumes and accessories that will transform you into a fun fairy with the promise of pretend magical powers. And the great thing about fairy costumes is that they’re not just for Halloween. From parties to mommy and daughter dress up day, and even role-playing with your significant other, there are so many opportunities for you to dress up like a fairy. Our cute Woodland Fairy Costume (available in sizes small, medium, and large) will have everyone asking you to sprinkle some magic fairy dust on them so they can fly with you. This colorful costume includes a two tone bustier, a whimsical skirt, sheer wings and a headpiece. We also have a richly colored fall fairy costume, perfect for the season. Our Autumn Fairy – Tu Tu costume (standard size fits most adults) includes a form fitting orange top and a layered, wispy skirt that features the colors of fall: burgundy, green and orange. You’ll blend right into your outdoor surroundings with this stunning costume. And if you’re looking for an extravagant fairy costume, you’ll love our Enchanted Faerie Adult Costume (available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large). This pretty costume includes an organza-panne petal dress, a flower pin, faerie wings and a flower crown.

If you want to be a fairy with a dark side, you’ll want our Vamp Fairy costume (available in sizes junior girls medium and extra large, and women’s large). This unique costume includes a black and red dress with a sexy lace-up front, glovettes, choker and tattered wings. You can complete this dark costume with fishnet stockings and black fairy wand. Our Child Fairy Costume (available in sizes small, medium, and large) is perfect for little sprites that like to flit about like forest fairies. This oh-so-cute costume includes a lime green dress with magenta pink accents and colored nylon and wire wings. We also have a super sweet Tween Butterfly Costume (available in sizes small and medium). This quality fairy costume includes a lavender and blue dress, wings and an antenna headpiece.

If you’re looking for fairy costume accessories, we’ve got everything you need, like our Fairy Dust Necklace; our Angel Theme Wings; our dramatic Spring Fairy Hair Piece Set, which includes two separate and large deep blue fabric flowers accented with long, blue hair-like strands; our Summer Fairy Wings; our Summer Fairy Wand; our pink Summer Fairy Mask; our Spring Fairy Lashes; our Autumn Fairy Butterfly Headband; and so much more!