Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes and accessories

Send in the clowns! With our large variety of clown costumes and accessories you can pull off the perfect clown, from a fun and happy clown to dark and scary clown. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume or a costume for a play, party or parade, you’ll find it at and at a great price!

Our Harlequin Clown Adult Male Costume (standard size fits up to men’s size 44) is the perfect pick! This colorful costume includes a harlequin print jumpsuit, ruffled collar, and hat. And our Full Figure Dotted Clown Costume is about as fun as it gets! This classic clown costume includes a red with white polka dots jumpsuit with pom pom attachments and white neck ruffle. It also includes a matching clown hat.

If you want something unique, you’ll love our Harlequin Clown Costume, which includes a black and white jumpsuit with white pom pom attachments and white neck ruffle. This costume also includes a clown hat.

To complete your clown costume, we’ve got a great selection of fun clown accessories you’re going to love, including our pleather Red and Yellow Clown Shoes (one size fits most), which are made to wear over shoes; our Clown Wig Neon Orange; our Studio Quality Clown Makeup, which comes with a red foam clown nose, foam makeup sponge applicator, foam tip makeup brush, and red, yellow, blue, black, and white clown makeup; our Clown White Bald Cap, because NOT ALL clowns have hair; our Clown Collar, Tie and Cuffs; our must-have Jumbo Clown Squirt Bowtie; Multicolor Clown Suspenders; and more.

If an evil clown is what you’re thinking of for Halloween, you will find something creepy here. Our Adult Evil Clown Costume comes with everything you need to pull off that evil clown look. This costume includes an evil clown half mask with stringy green hair, black mini hat with cloth band, black and white striped shirt with attached cloth belt with creepy clown face, black jacket with polka dot accents, multicolored tattered shorts and black and white striped socks.

We also have a Creepo the Clown Costume (standard size fits most adults). This seriously scary clown costume includes a long-sleeved jumpsuit with skulls and black and red stripes, a scary rubber clown mask with rainbow hair, and one mini plastic bat.

Our evil clown accessories include our Evil Clown Mask; our Evil Clown Gloves; and our spring loaded Evil Clown Bang Gun, which drops a cloth flag that reads, “BANG YOU’RE DEAD.” Yikes!