Capes for Costumes

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We carry an assortment of costume capes, phantom of the opera capes, vampire capes, devil capes and many more in different styles, fabric and color. Just match your costume to the perfect cape and you’ll be ready in no time. Capes are unisex and mostly one size fits most. Feel free to browse through our selection! Capes are one of the most important accessories for Halloween costumes, and at, we’ve got a large assortment of capes to complete your look. And, sometimes, a cape can even BE the costume. Fulfill your fantasy of transforming into a warrior monk with our Star Wars Jedi Robe Adult Costume (available in extra large). This limited edition robe will have you serving as a guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy, just like a true Jedi. Dressing up as Dracula for Halloween or a school play? Our Full Length Reversible Taffeta Cape will help you pull off your vampiric role in style. We also offer a Long Vampire Cape Adult Costume (one size), made from 100% polyester. This black cape features scalloped edges and a foam-filled collar. We also offer Shredders Double Vampire Fangs to help you complete your costume. For women, we have a great assortment of capes that can be worn to pull off a variety of costumes, including mystics, witches, or if you’re just looking for something to provide you with a sense of mystery. Our women’s capes include our Hooded Iridescent Cape, Black Crinkle Cape, Reversible Cloak, Long Crushed Velvet Cape, Hooded Black Velvet Cape, short Black Taffeta Cape, a stunning Velvet Cape With Hood-Reversible Full Length, Long Red Velvet Cape, Burgundy Panne Velvet Hooded Cape, and many more. Capes can also be a great fashion statement with the right outfit! If you like masks, you’ll like our Phantom of Venice Costume (one size). This easy costume includes a full-cut velveteen long black cape, a theatrical-style Venetian mask, and a Venetian-style hat with gold trim and with a white feather. This phantom costume is not only great for Halloween, but it’s also great if you’re in a play. Another fun cape costume is our Masked Desperado Costume (one size). Transform yourself into Zorro with this black cape, black shirt, black mask, and black hat. And if you like fantasy and science fiction novels, you may be interested in our Adult Warlock Costume (one size). Warlocks are the male equivalent of witches, possessing mystical and magical powers, and with this costume you will certainly feel like you have powers. This robe with hood features a glow in the dark skull print, perfect for Halloween night. If you’re looking for a scary robe costume, you’ll like our 57 Inch Black Hooded Cape. This creepy costume includes a black hooded cape with an attached glow-in-the-dark howling ghost mask. If you’re going clubbing on Halloween, this is a great costume to wear in a dark setting because of the mask.