Animal Theme Costumes

Animal Theme Costumes for adults and kids, Halloween costumes, promotional costumes including cows, bunnies, chickens and more!

Most everyone has wanted to dress up as an animal once or twice in their lives, whether they�re dressing up for Halloween or playing a part in a play or dressing up for school dress up days. At, we�ve got a great selection of animal costumes you�re going to love.

If you want a full-body animal costume you can choose from a variety of quality costumes that will make you stand out in a crowd. Our Lobster Adult Costume (one size fits most adults) is bright and fun! It includes a large lobster costume with claws and a lobster headpiece. Just be careful with your claws!

You can even get dressed up like a farm animal! Our plush Chicken Costume (one size) includes a bright yellow deluxe chicken jumpsuit with feet with shin covers and chicken mask. No one will recognize who you are when you�re dressed in this quality costume! Our Adult Cow Costume (one size fits most adults) includes a black and white cow costume with udders and cow mask.

We also have a fun Adult Gecko Costume (one size), which includes green pants, green and white top with arms, gecko hands, gecko feet, and a gecko headpiece.

If you really want to make a bold statement, our Shark Attack! Adult Costume (one size fits most adults) is a fun way to get a lot of laughs. This costume includes a one-piece polyfoam shark costume that looks as if you�re getting swallowed by a great white!

We even have a quality Turkey Adult Costume that�s not only perfect for Halloween and plays, but also for Thanksgiving! Surprise your family at the front door as they arrive at your house for Thanksgiving dinner! This costume includes a turkey body with neck and turkey head and turkey legs. �Gobble-gobble-gobble!�

For something different, why not try our Baby Gorilla Arm Puppet or our Big Fat Goose Arm Puppet. These fun animal costumes look as if you�re holding a baby gorilla and a goose, but really, it�s a fake arm that �holds� the animal while your real arm moves the baby gorilla�s head or the goose�s head. These costumes are also ideal if you�re telling a story to a group of children. They�ll get a kick out of it!

For kids, has a fun Gorilla Child Costume and a Light Weight Penguin Child Costume. We also offer a Penguin Baby Bunting Costume and a Lightweight Teen Penguin Costume. And we have a Light Weight Adult Penguin Costume�that means the whole family can go trick-or-treating as penguins!

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